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What to wear for Winter to Spring transition

It’s February 2nd. It was 70 degrees yesterday and 50 today.  Thank God for the weather app on my phone – I’m pretty sure it’s my most used.  It is the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing before I go to bed.  Yes I’m a little psycho about the weather, but we all have our quirks – right?!  How else is a girl supposed to figure out how to dress?!

We are getting new spring transition wear daily at Shop Swagger and I’m having the best time coming up with creative ways to wear my new purchases with my favorite fall/winter pieces!

I made a new “What’s in Mandy’s Closet?” video to hopefully inspire you to create new outfits with your old and new pieces.  Check it out and let me know how you are transitioning your closet from winter to spring too!


What I’m Wearing – Holiday Edition

It’s December 1st and I can’t believe Christmas is only 24 days away!  We have so many fun things on the calendar that I’m sure the days are going to fly by!  Forget the fact that my Christmas cards aren’t ordered and that I’ve only purchased 3 gifts (eek!) – what’s really on my mind is – what am I wearing to all these events?!  Haha – you know – I don’t have a thing to wear in my closet;)

So many cute things going instore and online today that I HAD TO try them all on and make my decisions!! What do you think?

I’m pretty much infatuated with the floral dress by Everly!  I love the fit – figure flattering but not tight, the flutter sleeves and of course the pattern!  I plan on wearing it to my husband’s annual Christmas work party at Jimmy V’s – they deserve a shout out because dinner is always amazing!!  This outfit is dressy without trying too hard and is really comfy – yay for me! This year I don’t have to suffer for fashion – haha.

I also love the navy dress with the hot pink floral burnout pattern.  It is going to be perfect for a night out to dinner with our friends!  Although black IS my signature color, I do love navy on blondes – especially this time of year when most of us are pasty from not being outside – or is that just me??

Finally, one of my favorite events of the season is An Evening with Elves at Marbles Kids Museum.  Our daughter loves it and it’s really a magical night!  If you are in Raleigh and have young kids, I highly recommend making it a family tradition!  This year I plan on wearing one of our piko sweaters with a long necklace and bralette. Comfort is key since I’ll be chasing Kennedy all over the place, but I want to look cute in the pics – right?  Nothing better for that scenario than a piko sweater!

Here we are last year at A night with the Elves

Here we are last year at An Evening with Elves!

I promise to post a pic on Swagger’s social media from all our events!  Please follow us – links are in the right hand column, and send us pics of you in your Swagger holiday attire – you never know where they will end up!:)





Fall Transition Wear

I am so excited for fall since I got back from the Gift Mart, but I’ve had a bit of a conundrum.  I want to put on my favorite pair of boots, throw on a sweater dress and come to work, but since it is 100 degrees outside that isn’t going to happen! But much to my delight, the fall transition pieces I ordered came in and were hanging in my office this morning!  So even if I can’t necessarily wear them – at least I can look at them… and buy a few – of course;)

After being literally giddy about all the colors and textures my marketing manager and I realized it was time for a second episode of “What’s in Mandy’s closet” and we thought what better than one on Fall transition pieces.  And I can add a few pieces to my closet without feeling guilty – I mean, it’s for work – right?!  (Hopefully my husband doesn’t see this post or my gig is up – he kind of put me on spending probation… But again, this doesn’t count because it’s for work – right?)

So anyway – back to business.  Here is – the second episode of ‘What’s in Mandy’s Closet?” on fall transition pieces. I really loved making it and was surprised at the shockingly small numbers of takes we had.  Go Mandy. Go Mandy:)

Sooooooo – what did you think?  I particularly love the tie-dyed asymmetrical top with skinny jeans and booties – I know I’m going to be wearing that a lot!  And the olive knit dress can actually be worn now with sandals.  How do you feel about the floppy knit hats for fall?  I’m obsessed!  Whenever I see one on someone I think about how cute they look, so this season I’m jumping on the bandwagon! And I love long necklaces because they trick the eye into thinking you are taller than you actually are – and at 5’4″ – I need all the help I can get!

So just a little recap on what we are seeing for early fall trends:
1.  Boho chic – everything fringe, suede, tassles, flowy body styles
2.  The color of the year, Marsala – which is basically burgundy but they gave it a fancy name:)
3.  Floppy knit hats
4.  Tie dye – tie dye is transitioning from summer to fall in a big way so rock your inner 70’s star!

I hope this post helped you get some ideas for fall!  Bring on the cold weather!!



I’m ready for the 4th!

I am so excited for this 4th of July weekend! We have been going to Isle of Palms for the last 5 years and it has been a tradition that I love!

My marketing manager and I have been throwing around the idea of starting a “What’s in Mandy’s Closet” video series for my boutique, and we thought we better for the first one than a “Packing for the 4th” episode.  I am not an actress by any stretch of the imagination,  but it was a lot of fun to make and I’m looking forward to the next one!  Check it out:)

So what do you think?  My mom said I was famous – I guess that counts for something – right?!:)

Happy Independence Day!