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Snow Day Prep

I’m not gonna lie – I love a snow day!  Besides the “my store isn’t open so I’m not making any money” aspect – it doesn’t get much better than a day full of sledding, hot cocoa and Netflix marathons. That is until you have three days of it!

Day one is full of cute pics and snowballs fights and making cookies,


but by the middle of day 2 your kid is like I’M SO BORED!  Of course that is why most parents I know go to the wine store before getting bread and milk when the threat of an ice storm hits, but I digress. 😉

So… after this past weekend I’ve realized that I need to be more prepared for the next Snow/Ice Storm!  My family was lacking in the food and fun stuff to do categories, so I decided to get prepared for the next one, because we all know there is going to be a next one!

I created this board on pinterest, {snow style}, to help me get prepared.  I am super excited about Magic Snow, Indoor snow trays (I’m sure the shopkins would enjoy that-ha), and Snow Dough!  These activities should give me at least one more day of snowy bliss:)!

My other goal is to purchase the ingredients for meals and put them in the back of my pantry or freezer so I have them in advance and am ready!    Here are two I pinned for Taco Soup and French Dip Sandwiches.  I know the sandwiches are good because I made them for Christmas Eve and there are just 3 ingredients – beef, beef consommé, and rolls – jackpot!

Here’s to our next snow day – may we all be prepared and not bored!


Happy 4th Birthday to Kennedy

I can’t believe my daughter is 4!  I remember her like this as if it were yesterday…


This past weekend we celebrated her 4th birthday with an “Elsa” Party.  It was her first real party so I wanted her to love it!  She was so sweet and kept saying I can’t believe “I get a party – thank you Mom – thank you!”  So of course with that kind of enthusiasm, I wanted the party to be something she would always remember!  I thought it turned out really great and I loved all the vendors I worked with, so I wanted to share some of the highlights with you. If you are in or around Raleigh you should check them out!

The first thing I did was have the invitation designed.  I worked with Cute Pixels on Etsy.  She was extremely professional and it was a quick turnaround.   I then printed the invitations at Pip in Cary – these guys are great and got them done for me in 1 day!!


Then I contacted my cake lady – Jennifer Dail!  If you want a beautiful AND tasty cake she is your woman!  Kennedy wanted an Elsa “Barbie” cake and Jennifer didn’t disappoint – how cute did this turn out?!?!


Next I needed ideas for food and decorations – and where do you go for that? Pinterest of course!!  My favorite post was for these free Frozen printables.   I used them for notes for my gift bags and food labels – so easy to edit them in Picasa and so cute!  Took about 15 minutes total.  Since the party was from 1 – 3, I only served dessert type food.  I made “Frozen” Muddy Buddies, Blue Chocolate covered pretzels,  chocolate kisses and “olaf noses” (which were Cheetos and not dessert but I needed another thing to go with the theme – ha!).  And finally for the decorations, I made some wreaths for the front door and then basically used my Christmas decorations that I hadn’t put away yet (1 win for a right after Christmas birthday!).  I used this post as the inspiration for the wreaths.


The highlight of the party was when Anna and Elsa arrived and I have Enchanted Wishes to thank for that! Ines and her girls were great and stayed in character the whole time!

IMG_2742 IMG_2745 IMG_2766

The first picture was of our family on the day Kennedy was born and this is us four years later…


And yes – the jazz hands are totally her personality;)!


So this is how my weekend went…

4th of July

But seriously – short hair and wind = mohawk – haha!  And that face…what should I call that?

So family photos didn’t turn out as planned, but I did get a good one of my little girl – she looks cute with wind blown hair!  And she’s monogrammed, of course:)


We did go for round two of beach pics with just my iphone and not my fancy DSLR camera and no matching preplanned outfits and this is what I got…


At least I don’t have a mohawk:)