Fall Transition Wear

I am so excited for fall since I got back from the Gift Mart, but I’ve had a bit of a conundrum.  I want to put on my favorite pair of boots, throw on a sweater dress and come to work, but since it is 100 degrees outside that isn’t going to happen! But much to my delight, the fall transition pieces I ordered came in and were hanging in my office this morning!  So even if I can’t necessarily wear them – at least I can look at them… and buy a few – of course;)

After being literally giddy about all the colors and textures my marketing manager and I realized it was time for a second episode of “What’s in Mandy’s closet” and we thought what better than one on Fall transition pieces.  And I can add a few pieces to my closet without feeling guilty – I mean, it’s for work – right?!  (Hopefully my husband doesn’t see this post or my gig is up – he kind of put me on spending probation… But again, this doesn’t count because it’s for work – right?)

So anyway – back to business.  Here is – the second episode of ‘What’s in Mandy’s Closet?” on fall transition pieces. I really loved making it and was surprised at the shockingly small numbers of takes we had.  Go Mandy. Go Mandy:)

Sooooooo – what did you think?  I particularly love the tie-dyed asymmetrical top with skinny jeans and booties – I know I’m going to be wearing that a lot!  And the olive knit dress can actually be worn now with sandals.  How do you feel about the floppy knit hats for fall?  I’m obsessed!  Whenever I see one on someone I think about how cute they look, so this season I’m jumping on the bandwagon! And I love long necklaces because they trick the eye into thinking you are taller than you actually are – and at 5’4″ – I need all the help I can get!

So just a little recap on what we are seeing for early fall trends:
1.  Boho chic – everything fringe, suede, tassles, flowy body styles
2.  The color of the year, Marsala – which is basically burgundy but they gave it a fancy name:)
3.  Floppy knit hats
4.  Tie dye – tie dye is transitioning from summer to fall in a big way so rock your inner 70’s star!

I hope this post helped you get some ideas for fall!  Bring on the cold weather!!



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